The Blue Recluse Episode 200: She’s On A Boat!

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Main Episode Topics Include: Hearthstone, Diablo, and World of Warcraft

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Bar Snacks

Tasty bits of Blizzard Entertainment News!

What’s on the menu this week:

The Boomsday Project got released. For Science!.

Who needs Ben Brode for pre-expansion Hearthstone raps?

Has Blizzard abandoned the idea of Warcraft 4?

Our thoughts on The Battle For Lordaeron

Ion Hazzikostas and John Hight interviewed by PCGamer about pre-patch story drama

This week we learned about the future of Diablo

Last Orders

On this episode we reference to the awesome Interview by Scott Johnson with Chris Metzen and the incredible Battle For Lordaeron breakdown by Taliesin and Evitel. We highly recommend you check out these two pieces of content if you haven’t already!

Stay tuned after the episode for The Frazley Report from our favourite Gnome and Sylvanas hater, Frazley.


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