The Blue Recluse: Episode 163 – From The Nexus With Love

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Episode topics include: World of Warcraft, Heroes of the Storm and Blizzcon

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Bar Snacks

Shadow the Fox arrives in Azeroth to support disaster relief efforts

An opinion on the recently added Netherlight Crucible in Warcraft

What makes good AI?

Virtual Ticket goodies announced!

Junkrat and Ana and Volskaya Foundry is coming to the Nexus soon!

Main Course
World of Warcraft: 7.3 so far…


We talk about our feelings with patch 7.3 and how we’ve been getting on with week 3 of “Shadow of Argus”.

Last Orders

The Lounge Episode 3 is now available for early access over at our Patreon* This month Marty, Thom and Michael are joined by Sil (Battle Chat Show / Girls Gone WoW) as they take a look at Instances in World of Warcraft. From their first steps into a dungeon to the highs and lows of raiding, they cover it all in this round table discussion.

*Available on our normal feeds from Friday 22nd September 2017

Do you have an opinion on the Netherlight Crucible? Are you excited for the new Overwatch heroes heading to the Nexus? Will you be purchasing a virtual ticket or getting the goody bag?

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