Episode 10: Empty Wallet

Steam sales is one of the best things that happened to gaming… but one of the worst for my wallet. Oh, and we also got some blizzard news.

World of Warcraft

Neutral Panda hits level 90


Azeroth Choppers Result


WoW movie



“Do you know when Naxx is coming out, and if so, could you give us a general due date? The wait is killing me!”

We are not answering questions on unannounced content. We have announced that Naxxramas will hit sometime this summer, and we’re still on track for that. – Zeriyah (Source)

Last Class Card Annouced:


Diablo 3

First Look at Patch 2.1.0


Heroes of the Storm

Next Phase of Alpha Soon.



Episode 9: Another Brick In the Wall

Take heart from the new buff in WoW, things in Hearthstone are about to get more colourful and get ready? set? Azeroth Choppers vote is Goooooooooooooooooo!


Season 3 begins

Diablo 3

Level 800+ monk

World of Warcraft

Azeroth Choppers


Episode 8: We’ll never get this podcast done in time

Hearthstone season 2 is coming to an end, but Diablo Legendary buff is here to stay and could we soon be playing Heroes of the Storm?

World of Warcraft

Crash Courses

Further Customization

Challenge mode weapons and tier set


World championships at Blizzcon

Diablo 3

Anniversary buff is here to stay

Heroes of the storm

Possible ‘Founders Pack’

Episode 5: Podcast versus Player

A new season of hearthstone has begun. So prepare your deck – and sharpen those blades, as we talk PVP changes for Warlords of Draenor

Heroes of the Storm

New skins

Azeroth Choppers

Episode 3


Season 2 backs

World of Warcraft

Changes to PVP

New quest log

Interview with Ion Hazzikostas


Episode 4: No Flying in Draenor?

“Blizzcon is confirmed! The first season of hearthstone is almost over. And will we ever be able to fly in Draenor?”

Blizzcon is confirmed

Hearthstone season 1 is ending soon

Hearthstone fireside gatherings

Garrosh Heirlooms will be removed

Dev Watercooler: Raiding Azeroth Part 1—A Look Back

Flying in Draenor?

Episode 3: The Dutch Edition

“Are you ready to fortify your Garrison in Draenor? We’ll go through all the new information from Pax. And later we’ll venture back into news on a hearthstone update we are just ‘dying’ to get our hands on”


New Blizzard game?

Diablo 3

Patch notes

Heroes of the Storm

The complete article on Heroesnexus

Videos from Pax: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3

Brightwing trailer


Curse of Naxxramas post from Hearthpwn

World of Warcraft

Post about Garrisons

The real Draenei female

Azeroth Choppers

Episode 2: A Game of Patch Notes

“We have been critically hit by a huge information dump on Warlord of Draenor – so yeah, the alpha is out!”

With Guests: Jesse van de Sande and Dan Slack

April’s Fool

Betrayal quest line

Fake patch notes

Happy Reaper

Draenei female


Blizzard Outcast

Herald of the stars

New expo and class announced

Patch Notes

WoD 6.0 Patch notes

Other games

Goat Simulator

Episode 1: Is this the end?

“The wait for the Warlord’s beta continues, Reaper of souls however is live. Do you have what it takes to stop death?”

With Guest: Jesse van de Sande