Episode 35: Happy New Beer

“Ho ho ho it’s the last show of the year, but have no fear, we are here to bring you cheer today and again next year!”


A lot of eager – but unobservant – people got themselves a little surprise when they bought some of the new Goblins vs. Gnomes card packs. They didn’t notice they had to check off the GvG option before buying and therefore ended up with (in some cases a lot) of the original card packs.

World of Warcraft

The level 55 limit you need to create a Death knight has now been removed.

And a big congrats to Paragon to be the world first to clear mythic Highmaul.

Heroes of the Storm

Don’t forget to join the games on Thursday the 18th to brawl with the blues. Or watch it on twitch.

And check out the Stimpacks you can buy for increased xp and gold.



Episode 34: Things That Go Boom!

“Warning, Warning intruder alert, Goblins and Gnomes have been spotted invading the Arena in Hearthstone, prepare for… CRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZYYYYYYYYYY!”


The Goblins vs. Gnomes expansion did a little pre-release of the game and started out in arena a little bit early. It also introduced a few balancing of both new and old cards.

And not only does the expansion come out this week – it also won for best mobile game at the game awards 2014 this weekend.

World of Warcraft

Last week not only ended with an AMA with the developers over at reddit, they also made two interviews with both Convert to Raid and Final Boss TV.

Una’s Tip of the Week

Episode 33: The Red Crush

“We dive into the toolbox and take a closer look at some of the new cards in Goblins Vs Gnomes and somebody do a ready check! It’s time to raid again in WoW!”

World of Warcraft

Community manager Lore and Mike B. talked about some of the reasons why WoD was delayed, the DDoS-attack and what 10 millions subscribers does to the servers on the latest episode of their podcast “Don’t get your hopes up”.

On December 3rd you will be able to adopt a space goat through the battle.net or the in game shop. 100 % of the earnings from the battle pet goes to the American Red Cross for ebola relief efforts.

It’s raid time again so better get those raid lock outs under the belt. Blizzard has posted a quick recap on how they work.


The season 9 card back has been released and is created with gnomish engineering. So get to rank 20 in the season where the expansion will hit to require this card back.

Blizzard and Hearthstone is nominated for the game awards this year and you can watch the show on December 5th.

You can also take a sneak peek at the newest cards released for the expansion.

Heroes of the Storm

On Thursday December 4th you can ask the developers anything when they are having an AMA on reddit.