Episode 27: World Server Down

“The latest World of Warcraft patch hit a bit harder than expected. It knocked out a few servers. Maybe see if you can get a spot in Heroes of the Storm instead?”

Heroes of the Storm

If you are in the alpha you get a chance to win access to all your battle.net friends. If you aren’t in the alpha? Well, then you also get a chance to win.

World of Warcraft

With an expansion on the horizon and the passing of summer the World of Warcraft subscription numbers are up.

If you haven’t killed Garrosh yet or if you’ve just been unlucky with the heirloom weapon drops you now get a 100 % chance to win a weapon.

General Blizzard

If you got the virtual ticket for Blizzcon you now also have access to the online merchandise store.

Episode 18: The Warlords of Draenor Edition

“Prepare for War…lords as the street date is FINALLY revealed. And put on your wooly hat and gloves as we venture into the final wing in the Hearthstone Naxx update…”

Diablo 3

Paragon level 1000 reached

Inside the Treasure Goblin portal – aka the Vault

Heroes of the Storm

New heroes: Chen Stormstout, Anub’arak and Azmodan

World of Warcraft

Warlords Release date and Cinematic

Warlords info we talked about:

Lords of War web series
Collectors Edition

Robin Williams as NPC in WoW


Frostwyrm Lair

Sapphiron – http://hearthstone.gamepedia.com/Sapphiron

Kel’Thuzad – http://hearthstone.gamepedia.com/Kel%27Thuzad_(hero)

Last Orders

10 years, 10 questions – By Alternative Chat Blog – Contribute towards a podcast documentary by answering 10 questions about World of Warcraft

Interesting post about how the Alternative Azeroth will fare due to Garrosh going back in time