Prepared: Demon Hunter Starting Area Part 2

Thom and Marty continue their adventures through the Demon Hunter starting area. Will Thom fall into the nether or will he manage to hang on to the ledge below? And what happens when Marty sacrifice himself for the greater (evil?) good?

This video obviously have spoilers about the story of the Demon Hunter starting area in Legion. Also notice this is early alpha footage, so things might change up until release.

Prepared: Demon Hunter Starting Area Part 1

Both Thom and Marty got access to the World of Warcraft: Legion alpha so we decided to take a closer look at Demon Hunters and their starting area.

This video obviously have spoilers about the story of the Demon Hunter starting area in Legion. Also notice this is early alpha footage, so things might change up until release.

Episode 23: The Calm Before the Storm

“What’s the first rule of Brawlers guild? You don’t mention Brawler’s guild in your intro. Oops too late…”


Blizzards F2P card game Hearthstone hits 20 million players after just 6 months and proves that a F2P done right can have a massive reward.

Have you ever wondered where other players are at in ranked play? Blizzard has released a nice graph to show what rank most people are at.

World of Warcraft

Blizzard have increased their development staff with 50 % which slowed down the making of Warlords of Draenor, but it should in the long run make expansions arrive more quickly in the future.

The newest episode of Lords of War is out and we are taking a closer look at Kilrogg Deadeye.

The Brawler’s Guild season 1 is coming to an end so it’s your last chance to get those achievements under the belt before it’s too late.

Heroes of the Storm

The final phase of the technical alpha is about to end and is “celebrated” by giving you access too all the heroes before the first character wipe will occur.

Last Orders

If you are into season characters in Diablo 3 you might want to check out this Paragon Calculator. With it you can work out what your overall level of Paragon will be once the season is over.

Episode 16: Announcing the Announcement of the Announcement

“Stand to attention as the Military wing is released in Hearthstone and a new feature in Heroes of the storm has been axed!”

World of Warcraft

Alliance chopper!-The-Alliance-Chopper-Is-Riding-into-Azeroth!

Orc Hump

Regarding Orc posture, want to add upright orcs eventually but that won’t be part of this update, no guarantee or eta. If/when we introduce It would be as an option, not replacement of current posture. For every person who doesn’t like it, there are 2 others that love the hump:)

Warlords Cinematic and Release date to be announced – Thursday 14th August

Heroes of the Storm

Artifacts… Gone! Leveling faster – as requested

Sneak Peak at New Hero – Chen Stormstout


Season 5 begins
Season 4 comes to a close and if you managed to get rank 20 (which I’m sure you did) you received a quite relevant Naxx card back and now S5 is Icecrown themed.

Alexstraza diabled for Loatheb
“When attempting to play the card, Kel’Thuzad pops up to say: “This is Heroic Naxxramas! I won’t stand for such cheap tactics here!” Alexstrasza is then destroyed and your mana is not refunded.”

Next Up: Military Quarter

Class challenges:



Last Orders – Leatherwork crafter making some really neat Hearthstone wallets.

Episode 12: We like girls

“We didn’t have time to write a witty, funny or even informative introduction, We’ve been too busy playing Heroes of the Storm.”

World of Warcraft

Cross faction AH

Dark Nights Rise Again.

Mists of Pandaria Cinematic Ending – Bottoms Up!!


Women banned from Hearthstone tournament in Finland

Blizzard’s response:

“One of our goals with e-sports is to ensure that there’s a vibrant and also inclusive community around our games,” a Blizzard spokesperson said in a statement provided to GamesBeat. “We do not allow the use of our games in tournaments that do not support this, and are working with our partners to ensure they share the same goal.”

The IeSF responds:

Heroes of the Storm

Some guides (more to be added later)