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Thom Knight

thomHey guys, Thom here. All the way from the Emerald Isle (Northern Ireland). Been living here since 1997 since I moved from good old England.

I’ve been an avid gamer pretty much all my life. My first ever console was a SEGA Master System followed quickly by a SEGA Mega Drive (Genesis). I spent far too many hours playing Sonic the Hedgehog, and that little bundle of blue fur still has a spot in my heart till this day.

I was never much of a Nintendo dude, but I did briefly own a SNES, however the main focus was always with SEGA. I made my first steps into the online world when I purchased a Dreamcast (Probably still my favourite console to this day), which was the first console to capitalize on the whole online multiplayer experience. An online RPG game called Phantasy Star Online took up so much of my time, I just loved meeting new people and completing quests with strangers, who sometimes turn out to be your best friends.

I was quite a late arrival to PC gaming. One of my first purchases was Diablo II. I took to this game so easily and it was great because some of the guys I knew on PSO were playing it too.

Time went by and spent a while marveling at such games as Everquest but never could really afford to make such a commitment to a sub as I still young and didn’t have an income. That all changed when World Of Warcraft came out. I was still in college but I had a part time job. I remember some of the guys from PSO talking about this game a lot, so when it finally released in Europe what seems like a lifetime ago in 2005 now, I couldn’t resist it. Let’s just say from that first time logging on into the magical world of Azeroth I’ve never really looked back.

fydriaMy first year in WoW was spent on the ‘Horde side’ where I was fortunate enough to meet Martin, Jesse (I actually met Jesse on about my 2nd day of playing WoW) and few other people all who I’m still in fairly regular contact with today. These days we all live on Stormrage EU, where Fydria the Paladin is my main focus. Oh and I play Hearthstone way too much!

Anyway thanks for reading my brief introduction and now “ON WITH THE SHOW!”

Martin Hoffmann Larsen

martinHello there traveller! The name is Martin and I’m podcasting from royal Copenhagen in Denmark! Originally I’m from a small island called Lolland (I kid you not!), but moved to the big city to make it big the same year World of Warcraft was released. So far I’ve only made it big in Stormwind!

I’ve been a Blizzard fan boy since before I even realised I was playing Blizzard games. It all started with The Lost Vikings in 1992 and have been playing all Blizzards games since then. Played Warcraft 1, Diablo 1 and Starcraft 1 back when they were current.

Coming from a family where the newest tech always has been a must have, so I have grown up with more or less all the consoles and computers you can imagine. I’ve had Atari, Nintendo, Sega, Commodore, Amiga and PC and probably a lot more throughout my childhood.

Today I’m hooked up with a Playstation 3 + 4, a monster PC and an iPad for Hearthstone.

In World of Warcraft you can find me on Stormrage-EU probably playing my priest Unamithil.

Anyway, I should shut up because the show must go on(line)!

Michael Skarzynske

Hello everyone! My name is Michael and I am a huge Blizzard fan. More than that though, I’m a big gamer and love the gaming scene. I hope to one day see the world view the gaming community in a light of respect rather than see us all as people that have no jobs and still live at home, we all know that’s not true.

A little about myself, I currently reside in California and am a swim instructor. (May change) I am 27 years old, turning 28 April 10th. I play all of Blizzard’s games, at the moment I am more into, Heroes of the Storm, Hearthstone, and WoW, but am always willing to play others. I am also a huge fan of Starcraft 2 and the brand of Starcraft. It’s what made me a Blizzard fan initially.

Aside from Blizzard games I play pretty much everything out there, except maybe dating sims. Between my girlfriend and myself we have every Nintendo console released aside from Virtual Boy and the Switch. Huge fan of Nintendo. Every Playstation console except the PS4 Pro. Huge Sony Fan. And Every XBox system. Big Microsoft fan. As you can tell I’m just a huge gamer and play anything and everything that comes my way. If you ever feel the need to play some games, need someone to talk to, or just want to say hey, hit me up! I’m on Twitter @acidtearz111 Thank you all for reading and thank you all for listening to the podcast. I started off a fan just as you all. Happy gaming!