#FakeGods – An Unofficial Hearthstone Expansion: Week 5 Round-Up

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Beware of false idols! As Blizzard teases us with card reveals and drip feeding us cards for Whispers of the Old Gods in Hearthstone, we decided we couldn’t wait any longer. We needed our card fix, so we decided to design our own cards for the new expansion.

#FakeGods is an unofficial Hearthstone expansion created by the community. This is the final round up of cards as Old Gods is finally here on the 26th April 2016 for America and 27th for the rest of us poor souls.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the cards as much as we have had making them. Until the next expansion!

Previous Weeks:
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Twlight Spellcaster - SLM PT1Twlight Spellcaster - SLM PT2

“I can never hear what Twilight Spellcaster is saying, he really needs to speak up!” – by S-L-M Reddit

Corrupted Ysera - Fydria Corrupted Ysera 2 - Fydria

“She just can’t seem to get a good night’s sleep these days” by @Fydria

Evocation - Jesse

“Sweet, sweet, mana” Card by @jc_satura

Algalon the Observer - Fydria

“It all started with a big bang… BANG!” Card by @Fydria

 Corrupted Ashbringer - Fydria

“Like the normal Ashbringer, except more calories” Card by @Fydria


“Baby, it’s cold outside” Card by @unamithil

Insane Cultist - Fydria

As you read this card’s name, you feel the sudden urge to sing Cypress Hill” Card by @Fydria

#FakeGods – The whispers never stop.

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