#FakeGods – An Unofficial Hearthstone Expansion: Week 4 Round-Up

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Beware of false idols! As Blizzard teases us with card reveals and drip feeding us cards for Whispers of the Old Gods in Hearthstone, we decided we couldn’t wait any longer. We needed our card fix, so we decided to design our own cards for the new expansion.

#FakeGods is an unofficial Hearthstone expansion created by the community. We’ll be releasing a new card every day on Twitter at 12am CET right up until Old Gods itself is released.

Mutated Creeper - SLM“NOPE!” Card by S-L-M Reddit

Mindflay by una

“And so the Patron Priest was born…” Card by

Prophet Skeram - SLM

“POWER UP!”– Card by S-L-M Reddit

Deceptive Tenetacle

“This card might tent-tickle your fancy!” card by

Azeorth - Corben

“The end is coming…” Card by

Charred Earth Elemental by Fydria

“He’s not angry, he just has really bad heartburn!” – Card by @Fydria

Mankriks wife by unaMankrik by una0

“Where’s Mankirk’s wife?.. Oh there she is…” Card by @unamithil

Thanks to everyone who submitted cards this week.

Have an idea of your own? Tweet at us (@TBRPodcast) with the hashtag #FakeGods

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