#FakeGods – An Unofficial Hearthstone Expansion: Week 3 Round-Up

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Beware of false idols! As Blizzard teases us with card reveals and drip feeding us cards for Whispers of the Old Gods in Hearthstone, we decided we couldn’t wait any longer. We needed our card fix, so we decided to design our own cards for the new expansion.

#FakeGods is an unofficial Hearthstone expansion created by the community. We’ll be releasing a new card every day on Twitter at 12am CET right up until Old Gods itself is released.

Archbishop Ben - Priest - Designed by Rho PT1

“Because two hero powers are better than one!” Card by

Bubble and hearth by una

“A staple in the Paladin diet” – Card by

Extraction - Rogue - Spell

“HEY, GIMME THAT!” Card by

Freya by una

“Never ask Freya for advice,all she keeps telling me is to turn over a new leaf.” By

Sargeras the Defender - SLM

“He really doesn’t like the Old Gods for some reason…” Card by S-L-M (Reddit)

Thaurissan, Herlad of Flame - SLM

“This is a quite a spec’tashular turn 3 play.” Card by S-L-M (Reddit)

The Dragon Soul by Dennis

“You know why this card is cool? Because Dragons are cool man!” Card by

Thanks to everyone who submitted cards this week. Have an idea of your own? Tweet at us (@TBRPodcast) with the hashtag #FakeGods

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