#FakeGods – An Unofficial Hearthstone Expansion: Week 2 Round-Up

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Beware of false idols! As Blizzard teases us with card reveals and drip feeding us cards for Whispers of the Old Gods in Hearthstone, we decided we couldn’t wait any longer. We needed our card fix, so we decided to design our own cards for the new expansion.

#FakeGods is an unofficial Hearthstone expansion created by the community. We’ll be releasing a new card every day on Twitter at 12am CET right up until Old Gods itself is released.


Here’s a round up for card submissions from Week 2

Ultraxion - Legendary - Designed by Rho PT1Ultraxion - Legendary - Designed by Rho PT2

“Ultraxion’s favourite song is Time is running out by Muse” – Card by: 

Faceless One

“I shall wear no crowns and win no glory, death to the living and death to the Murlocs!” – Card by: @Fydria

Deep Sea Kraken - Hunter

“Under the sea, under the sea. Darling it’s better down where it’s wetter..take it from me!” – Card by: @Fydria

Whisper of an Old God - Warlock - Spell

“When you can’t beat them, mind control them!” – Card by: @Unamithil

Faceless Watcher - SLM

“It’s been Faceless Watcher’s dream to become a Wisp for some time now” – Card by: S-L-M (Reddit)

Sha of Pride - Designed by Rho

“We are all so very proud of Sha of Pride’s excellent mathematics skills” – Card by: 

Sha of Despair - Mage PT1 Sha of Despair - Mage PT2

“On his day off, Sha of Despair enjoys long beach walks around Krasarang Wilds”  – Card by: @Fydria

Have an idea of your own? Tweet at us (@TBRPodcast) with the hashtag #FakeGods

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