Episode 80 – The Farce Awakens

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In a galaxy not so far away, Winter Veil is covering it’s festive fingers over our favorite Blizzard games & there’s a pre-purchase in SC2 that isn’t fridge magnets…


Dev interview with Jeff Kaplan


Winter Veil themed Brawl inc – Last week we said it was coming. WE WERE WRONG. Sorry. Should be here this week to tie in with Winter’s Veil starting in WoW.

LoE Adventure is over & we provide a quick summary of our thoughts and feelings.

Heroes of the Storm

Refer a friend is causing a stir in the Nexus and Winter Veil hits too!

Starcraft 2

Pre-purchase nova covert ops

Last Orders

We talk about our highlights of the Blizzard year and what we are looking forward too in 2016!

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