Episode 74 – Sporc’ulation & Anticipation

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The time for BlizzCon is days away, so it’s time to predict and speculate and the world needs heroes (& me but not Thom) as the Overwatch beta has begun!


Beta is live…. just in-case you didn’t know.. We talk about what’s to come and discuss a new potential hero.


Blizzard tease next month’s card back with a blue secret, what could this mean?

BlizzCon Predictions

In the past week we’ve began making BlizzCon predictions. Marty had wrote about how he thought the Warcraft Movie trailer would be shown in the opening ceremony, which has since been confirmed, nice work Marty.

Marty also goes into detail about Blizzard game release schedules and Thom boldy predicts Icecrown Adventure in Hearthstone along with a new Hero.. the Deathknight, while guest John (S-L-M) hopes this is true, he also suggests a possible Throne of Tides or Ulduar adventure.

Last Orders

This week we are fortunate to be joined by John who is a Tavern Brawl concept creator from Reddit (Username: S-L-M). John discusses his latest concept and answers a few of our questions. We’ve mentioned his work in a few episodes now but here’s a list of the current Tavern Brawl concepts he has created, we implore you to check it out!

Battle of the Aspects Tavern Brawl Concept by: S-L-M on Reddit

Frozen Throne Duel Tavern Brawl Concept By: S-L-M on Reddit

Blood Curse Battle Tavern Brawl Concept By: S-L-M on Reddit

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