Episode 73 – Silence Before the Storm

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With BlizzCon only 2 weeks away the amount of news has more or less stopped coming from Blizzard HQ. So what on Azeroth are we going to talk about? It’s the silence before the storm.

General Blizzard

Blizzard starting an E-sports division – Blizzard hired former CEO of ESPN and the former president of Major League gaming, dedicated to eSports. 

Bnet voice chat – This will be part of the Overwatch Beta (which will also be coming out in EU on the 27th Oct you might want to add)

Linkin Park to close out BlizzCon 2015 –  Last year we turned Metallica song titles into Blizzard game themed songs. Here are some of our efforts so far:

Breaking the Harpy (Breaking the Habit)

In the End Time (In the End)

Shadowform of the Day (Shadow of the Day)

Lost in the Echo of Medivh (Lost in the Echo)

Keys to the Eastern Kingdom (Keys to the Kingdom)

The Summoning Stone (The Summoning)

A Place For My Headpiece (A Place For My Head)

One Combo point Closer (One Step Closer)

Cure for the Magical Debuff (Cure for the Itch)

Feint (Faint)

Don’t Stay in Fire (Don’t Stay)

From the Instance (From the Inside)

Nobody’s Listening (Theme song for LFR – “Try to give you warnings, but everyone ignores me”)

Heroes of the Storm

Hero Spotlight: Artanis(FYI Artanis is Sinatra spelt backwards) Artanis’s last name may infact be Knarf….

Hallow’s End event – If you can’t get the Headless Horseman in WoW, maybe you’ll fare better in the Nexus

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