Episode 55 – Grounded

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“You have entered a no fly zone so please return to the surface and park those dragons in the garage. You won’t be needing them any time soon.”

Diablo 3

You really shouldn’t steal. Two gamers in Diablo found this out the hard way, now there’s hell to pay!

Heroes of the Storm

So open beta finally hit in Heroes and also what is this global play? Is it worth getting excited about?

World of Warcraft

Some big news heading over from Azeroth this week as 6.2 will see some personal group loot changes. Probably the biggest news was the announcement of No flying in Warlords, How do you guys feel about this?

Also it turns out that 6.2 might not be the last content patch of this expansion after all….. And finally a blue response to the other latest potentially controversial change to the game about buying gear with gold


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