Episode 54 – Bovine Intervention

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Pitchforks, cows, pirates and murlocs. We got a beefy show this week with loads of mooving information. So sit back with a glass of milk and enjoy the show.


General Blizzard

Feast your eyes on this incredible shot of Doomhammer from the upcoming Warcraft movie. It’s so good I drooled on my keyboard a little.



Diablo 3

Nothing to report here. There is no secret cow level in the game still. Nope, Nothing, Nada… We swear!




Could the new header on the Facebook site be a hint or just wishful thinking.. and is it possible Blizzard heard our prediction?



Heroes of the Storm

Kael’thas is in the game and we finally know what he can do. Hot stuff baby. Also the First World Championship will soon be upon us. Are you excited? Cause we are!



World of Warcraft

In WoW news this week Thom and Marty debate on the upcoming change for 6.2: Apexis Gear for Gold. What do you guys think?


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