Episode 48 – Fools of the Mountain

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“The first wing of Blackrock mountain has been a blast. Now you can buy WoW gold with real life money and did the April Fools fool you?”

General Blizzard

This week saw Blizzard up to no good with their usual April Fools pranks. T.I.N.D.R for Garrison followers, BMotes, Big Head Mode in Heroes of the Storm, Selfies in DIablo and the always hilarious April Fools patch notes for World of Warcraft were some of the highlights.

Heroes of the Storm

The founders pack is no longer available for purchase and feedback can be left on the forums for the beta as it closes in on release… at least that’s what we think!

World of Warcraft

WoW token goes live in the US this week, as for EU.. well who knows. Soon..


Last week saw the introduction of Blackrock Mountain. Thom and Marty review the first wing and look ahead to the 2nd Wing – Molten Core



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