Episode 43 – Selfies! Selfies everywhere!

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“Buy WoW gold for money with the new WoW token. Maybe Blackrock Mountain is the new HS adventure. But first, let me take a selfie.” 


It’s heating up in Hearthstone as a new month is upon us which can mean only one thing. New card back! This Ragnaros card back will make a nice addition to the collection.

Also speaking of Ragnaros who hangs out in Molten Core in Blackrock Mountain, could the next adventure mode be set there?

World of Warcraft

Soon you won’t have to pay for a WoW sub… if you have a lot of gold. Or if you need gold, this could be a solution for you!

New additions are coming to Darkmoon Faire, including the Darkmoon Faire Race, start your engines!

This week also say Lead Designer Ion Hazzikostas host a Raid and Dungeon Q&A with CM Lore.

Last Orders

Our very own Martin Hoffmann Larsen has been busy creating a new mini project. Introducing www.warcraftselfies.net for all your Warcraft Selfie needs.

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