Episode 113 – Storm the Castle

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Updates, updates, updates. They are everywhere! Seems like there was a little something for everyone who attended Gamescom this year. Not that we have time once Legion hits. Sorry, didn’t mean to mention World of Warcraft…


  • Blizzard sneak an update into the Overwatch public test realm which edits your text if you say a certain phrase.

Gamescom 2016 Round-up


  • We’re getting a new map in called Eichenwalde, set on the outskirts of Stuttgart, Germany.
  • New Legendary Reinhardt skins.
  • New Overwatch short was released: “The Last Bastion”
  • Competitive Mode Season 2 will begin September 6 with the adjustments to the matchmaking.

Heroes of the Storm

Starcraft 2

Last Orders

  • Just another reminder that we will be live on the WoW Challenges podcast this Saturday (27th) at 7pm Eastern time (US) aka Sunday 28th 1am CEST (EU) on twitch.tv

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