Episode 107 – Hello Mama

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There’s something fishy going on in the Tavern in Hearthstone, Legion pre-patch in World of Warcraft finally has a release date and in Overwatch, Justice reigns from below!!

Bar Snacks (Introduction)

  • World of Warcraft Legion pre-patch arrives July 19th/20th.
  • This week in Hearthstone you can complete daily quests with your friends.
  • Refer a friend in Hearthstone and earn a new hero portrait – Murgl The Oracle (Shaman)


  • New Hero announced! Ana Amari aka Phara’s Mom!
  • Alongside this announcement there’s also an origin video and a digital comic.
  • We also briefly discuss Ana’s abilities.
  • One Hero per team limit coming to competitive play.

Hero stacking removal in #Overwatch competitive play. Do you think this is a good change?

Rosie Brent @RosieBrent - Absolutely. It will have a massive impact on the pro teams though as hero stacking has become the norm.

Have been trying it in PTR and it is good and bad. If someone isn't playing their hero well they get pushed to chg, if each other changes it can be magical. It's going to shake up competitive play completely.
Anita Berge @Allikin75 - Most definitely.
TheCrosshare @TheCrosshare - Definitely, especially since it's only in competitive so people can still have "fun stuff" elsewhere.
FlameFlash @flameflash - Making it more different from quick play means it's harder for new ppl to get used to the nuances. Though curious to see it.
AcidTearz111 @AcidTearz111 - I think it's a great change! It could help lead to more balanced teams.

World of Warcraft

  • New penalties are arriving for chat abusers.
  • World Quest & Demon Invasion Q&A.

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