Episode 105 – Down with PvP

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Competitive mode has arrived in Overwatch, now we really get to witness how bad… *ahem* I mean good we are, World of Warcraft Legion PvP changes are being hammered out.. And The Nexus gets visited by an Angel in Heroes of the Storm.

Bar Snacks (Introduction)

  • Duncan Jones talks about extra Warcraft movie scenes in DVD / Blu Ray release.
  • Auriel is coming to Heroes of the Storm.
  • Hearthstone – When will we get the next adventure?


  • Competitive play is here! We give our thoughts so far.
  TWITTER OPINIONS (Overwatch – competitive play)
Rosie Brent @RosieBrent - Personally I think it's broken beyond belief. Matching is awful. When players leave it causes chaos & some marches last forever
Alli @AlliyannaEU - Ranking system is annoying & they should do something about the "leavers" situation!
TheCrosshare @TheCrosshare - Matching is poor, reset teams after each match, saltsaltsalt from everyone, without friends or full group = hell.
FlameFlash @flameflash - haven't seen any the promised "your rank is adjusted by your personal performance". Got gold medals-still drops lots

World of Warcraft

  • Magni Bronzebeard makes a dramatic return in a new digital comic (Fault Lines) from Blizzard. You have to check this out!
  • We had another Legion Q&A – This weeks topic: PvP – We breakdown some of the points raised.

Last Orders

Don’t forget to ‘Stay a while and petition‘ to #getdeckardajob. We really want Deckard Cain in Heroes of the Storm!

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