The Blue Recluse Presents: The Lounge Episode 1

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Argus and Beyond

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It’s here, The first ever episode of The Blue Recluse: The Lounge!

This is a space in The Blue Recluse where we can kick back once a month and go into a subject with a bit more depth which we are sometimes unable to do on a regular show due to time restraints.

This month we’re discussing 7.3 and beyond. We are talking about what we think there’s to come while we also take a closer look at what might come after Legion, including the recent data mining of 7.3 and what might’ve gotten added by mistake(?).

Watch out, spoilers about! If you want to stay 100 % spoiler free, this episode may not for you. For the rest of you, grab yourself a drink, make yourself comfy and welcome to The Lounge!

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