Hearthstone Tavern Brawl Weekly Challenge: Fydria Vs Unamithil [Round 23 – Return of Mechazod]

The two co-hosts of The Blue Recluse return to Tavern Brawl action this week to kick start 2016, but the usual head to head battle was rudely interrupted by the return of Mechazod, a co-operative brawl. Fydria and Unamithil took on Mechazod back in Round 19 but were ultimately defeated 2-1, but could they get revenge this time round?



Episode 81 – Bark at the Bloodmoon

There’s a full moon in the sky as a new hero emerges from the night in the Nexus and are you ready to dust off Diablo 3? <Insert Howling Wolf here>

Heroes of the Storm

We talk Genn Greymane, as he is  the latest hero to enter the Nexus


It’s time to get back into Diablo as a new season and patch arrives


Episode 80 – The Farce Awakens

In a galaxy not so far away, Winter Veil is covering it’s festive fingers over our favorite Blizzard games & there’s a pre-purchase in SC2 that isn’t fridge magnets…


Dev interview with Jeff Kaplan


Winter Veil themed Brawl inc – Last week we said it was coming. WE WERE WRONG. Sorry. Should be here this week to tie in with Winter’s Veil starting in WoW.

LoE Adventure is over & we provide a quick summary of our thoughts and feelings.

Heroes of the Storm

Refer a friend is causing a stir in the Nexus and Winter Veil hits too!

Starcraft 2

Pre-purchase nova covert ops

Last Orders

We talk about our highlights of the Blizzard year and what we are looking forward too in 2016!

Episode 78 – For Whom The Bell Tol’Barad

“Winter approaches and the heat of the demonic forces has arrived in Legion – The alpha is live! Doom rises in the Nexus and the Ruined City awaits us in Hearthstone!”

In Heroes of the Storm the new battleground Towers of Doom has been added and it’s a bit different than most of the maps.

There’s some big news for the smallest race in World of Warcraft when legion hits. But it’s not only the small an unappreciated gnomes that gets new and huntery things.

Now that Thanksgiving is over it’s finally time to look at the new wing in Hearthstone‘s League of Explores when The Ruined City hits this week.

Episode 77 – Can You Hear That?

The sound of destruction is in the air in Azeroth, a virus has broken out in the Nexus and we have some new reasons to hate Troggs!  

World of Warcraft

11 years of WoW is upon us and Fel Reaver noises have been heard in Ashran.. and in this podcast apparently… and data mining for Legion has begun (oh I wonder why?)


We talk about the second wing of Adventure Mode: Uldaman.

Heroes of the Storm Special – Spreading the Cho’gall Virus.

After being announced only a few weeks ago at BlizzCon much to our shock, Cho’gall has arrived. This two player hero was once merely an April Fools joke back at Blizzard HQ but now enters the fray to rain terror and destruction in the Nexus (Well maybe…).

Unamithil (Marty) was a virtual ticket holder so he acquired Cho’gall however Fydria (Thom) had not and thus the quest began… Two heads are better than one, or so they say…

Hearthstone Tavern Brawl Weekly Challenge: Fydria Vs Unamithil [Round 20 – Captain Blackheart’s Treasure]

Yarrrrrrrrrr, after expecting this brawl a few weeks ago but it was removed due to a bug (so we got Spiders ewwww), it’s time to walk the plank matey!!!


Episode 76 – Exploration

“Attention all you gnomes in the world. It’s time to explore new sides of yourself. Speaking of exploring. We will venture to the far sides of Azeroth to search for The Staff of Origination.”

Which of Blizzard’s games are great E-sports? We have a small discussion about that.

World of Warcraft

Patch 6.2.3 is out this week and Gnomes will soon be able to become hunters.

Blizzard announced that they are going to stop telling us about the subscriber numbers in the future. Does it even matter?


We talk about the first wing of League of Explores and we’re taking a sneak peek at the next wing as well.