The Blue Recluse: Episode 162 – The Hole Thing

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Episode topics include: World of Warcraft, Hearthstone, Diablo and Overwatch

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Bar Snacks

 Michael has been playing A LOT of Diablo 3 recently and he’s got some thoughts about the Necromancer class

More behind the scenes from Blizzard as we take a look at the making of the Overwatch short: Rise and Shine

Blizzard Arena opens in Los Angeles, a new place to bind our hearthstone to.

Upcoming balance changes in Hearthstone, sorry froggy!

Community Mail

We take a mail from Alisaunder who has an interesting theory about what might happen after we’ve dealt with the Legion.

Main Course
World of Warcraft: 7.3 so far…

We talk about our feelings with patch 7.3 and how we’ve been getting on with week 2 of “Shadow of Argus”.

Last Orders

What do you think the Blizzard Arena means for the future of eSports? Have an opinion on those changes in Hearthstone? How did you get on in Week 2 of Shadow of Argus?

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Let us know YOUR thoughts about anything we’ve talked about on this episode or if you have your own questions feel free to leave a reply below or contact us via Email, Twitter, Facebook or Voicemail.

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