The Blue Recluse: Episode 164 – Insert Smiley Face Here

Episode topics include: General Blizzard, World of Warcraft and Overwatch

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Bar Snacks

Let’s kick off with the most important Blizzard news of the year… 

😁  “A Thousand Years of War” – The Story of Alleria & Turalyon 

Junkertown is live 💣 – Mercy / D.Va changes and Doomfist 👊

Main Course
Raiding in Legion


Marty, Thom and Ryan.. well mainly Marty and Ryan 😂, take an overview at raiding in World of Warcraft: Legion so far and break down some of their favourite encounters, what Blizzard have been doing right, what’s not been tickling their fancy and more!

Last Orders

If you enjoyed this episode’s chatter about raiding then why not check out the latest episode of The Lounge.

This month Marty, Thom and Michael were joined by Sil (Battle Chat Show / Girls Gone WoW) as they took a look at Instances in World of Warcraft.

From their first steps into a dungeon to the highs and lows of raiding, they cover it all in this round table discussion.

Many thanks to Ryan from the Blizzard Umbrella and The Raiders Confessional podcast for joining us today!

Do you 💓 Emoji’s!? What’s your thoughts on the New Audio drama featuring Alleria and Turalyon? Have you visited Junkertown yet?

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Episode 95 – A Wild Khadgar Appeared

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Khadgar is conjuring up a good cause for us to spend our money on. Tracer blinked her way into the Nexus. And there’s loads of new – and old – lore coming our way.

General Blizzard

Prequel to the Warcraft movie is going to be a graphic novel which we are very excited for.

Heroes of the Storm

Tracer has blinked her way into the Nexus and is soon a playable character in Heroes of the Storm.

World of Warcraft

In the World of Warcraft universe Illidan is now getting his own book as a prequel to Legion.



Khadgar can now be bought as a character portrait in Hearthstone. And the money goes to a good cause.

And we also talked about a few hand picked new cards for the Old Gods expansion that got announced the past week.

Episode 88 – Seas the Day

“The dead are rising in the Nexus…. and Is your glass half full or half empty? In Legion it won’t matter as you won’t be to use water mounts…”

Heroes of the Storm

Xul the necromancer is about to get added to the Nexus.

Two new small features are soon getting added to the game.

Get a free portrait if you’re going to watch the Esports stream.

World of Warcraft

The race for world first got a bit more interesting now that Paragon has decided to quit raiding.

Is the removal of Water Striders water walking ability the new flying-gate?

Guests: Sil from Battle Chat Show and Rosie Brent


Prepared: Demon Hunter Starting Area Part 2

Thom and Marty continue their adventures through the Demon Hunter starting area. Will Thom fall into the nether or will he manage to hang on to the ledge below? And what happens when Marty sacrifice himself for the greater (evil?) good?

This video obviously have spoilers about the story of the Demon Hunter starting area in Legion. Also notice this is early alpha footage, so things might change up until release.

Episode 79 – Overwatch and Out

‘Overwatch Beta is having it’s lights switched off for Christmas, while in Hearthstone it’s candy canes and gifts all round… Ho ho ho!’


Jeff Kaplan went on Youtube and told use about the features they are working on for Overwatch and also (finally) expanded on the payment model for future heroes and maps. All in time before the beta is going on Christmas vacation.


Even Hearthston now gets to celebrate Christmas with this Winter Veil themed tavern brawl that should hit launchers during this week.

World of Warcraft

Warcraft is getting a bit more diablofied with the latest reveal that Legion will have treasure (goblins) demons!

Prepared: Demon Hunter Starting Area Part 1

Both Thom and Marty got access to the World of Warcraft: Legion alpha so we decided to take a closer look at Demon Hunters and their starting area.

This video obviously have spoilers about the story of the Demon Hunter starting area in Legion. Also notice this is early alpha footage, so things might change up until release.

Episode 78 – For Whom The Bell Tol’Barad

“Winter approaches and the heat of the demonic forces has arrived in Legion – The alpha is live! Doom rises in the Nexus and the Ruined City awaits us in Hearthstone!”

In Heroes of the Storm the new battleground Towers of Doom has been added and it’s a bit different than most of the maps.

There’s some big news for the smallest race in World of Warcraft when legion hits. But it’s not only the small an unappreciated gnomes that gets new and huntery things.

Now that Thanksgiving is over it’s finally time to look at the new wing in Hearthstone‘s League of Explores when The Ruined City hits this week.

Episode 76 – Exploration

“Attention all you gnomes in the world. It’s time to explore new sides of yourself. Speaking of exploring. We will venture to the far sides of Azeroth to search for The Staff of Origination.”

Which of Blizzard’s games are great E-sports? We have a small discussion about that.

World of Warcraft

Patch 6.2.3 is out this week and Gnomes will soon be able to become hunters.

Blizzard announced that they are going to stop telling us about the subscriber numbers in the future. Does it even matter?


We talk about the first wing of League of Explores and we’re taking a sneak peek at the next wing as well.



Episode 67 – Joust in time

Nozdormu has been misusing the timelines so Blizzard had to set him straight. Meanwhile in a galaxy far far away the Protoss are preparing for war.

World of Warcraft

Updates from DragonCon. Yes.. backpack might get updated. HYPE!

Starcraft 2

Live event is on the horizen, will feature cinematic and launch date for Lotv


Beta still on track for fall.. we hope!


Joust bug fixed. Poor Nozdormu!


Episode 62 – Joust Do It!

The invitations have been sent out to heroes from all over the land. From the frost giants in the north to the kodo riders in the south. All have replied. To take part in The Grand Tourney.

World of Warcraft

The is good news if you feel you lack Garrison Ressources with the latest hotfix.


The new expansion for Hearthstone got announced and it’s called The Grand Tournament.

It will contain 132 new cards and the few that’s been released so far looks really cool.