The Blue Recluse: Episode 164 – Insert Smiley Face Here

Episode topics include: General Blizzard, World of Warcraft and Overwatch

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Bar Snacks

Let’s kick off with the most important Blizzard news of the year… 

😁  “A Thousand Years of War” – The Story of Alleria & Turalyon 

Junkertown is live 💣 – Mercy / D.Va changes and Doomfist 👊

Main Course
Raiding in Legion


Marty, Thom and Ryan.. well mainly Marty and Ryan 😂, take an overview at raiding in World of Warcraft: Legion so far and break down some of their favourite encounters, what Blizzard have been doing right, what’s not been tickling their fancy and more!

Last Orders

If you enjoyed this episode’s chatter about raiding then why not check out the latest episode of The Lounge.

This month Marty, Thom and Michael were joined by Sil (Battle Chat Show / Girls Gone WoW) as they took a look at Instances in World of Warcraft.

From their first steps into a dungeon to the highs and lows of raiding, they cover it all in this round table discussion.

Many thanks to Ryan from the Blizzard Umbrella and The Raiders Confessional podcast for joining us today!

Do you 💓 Emoji’s!? What’s your thoughts on the New Audio drama featuring Alleria and Turalyon? Have you visited Junkertown yet?

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Episode 42 – The Race Is Over

“The race for world first in World of Warcraft is over and the winner has been found but it sadly isn’t the Danish Terrace whom I put my money on.” 

World of Warcraft

Blackrock Foundry got conquered on Mythic mode and in a closely fought contest the winner was…..

6.1 goes live this week with many new small items and features, including the elusive S.E.L.F.I.E stick.. oh boy there is just no escaping them is there!


Good news for fans who watch games in Hearthstone as spectator mode will see some improvements. Now let’s just hope we’ll soon be able to view friends drafting in Arena!


Patch 2.2 will be hitting in the PTR soon, we discuss briefly the upcoming update to the Diablo world. MORE GOBLINS YAY!