The Blue Recluse on Twitch!

We are delighted to announce, as of Monday 16th January we will have a weekly Twitch schedule.

Tune in on Monday, Wednesday and Friday for some Blizzard game action with The Blue Recluse.

Monday: 10pm-11pm CET – “Blue Monday” (Thom & Marty wash away that Monday feeling with some Blizzard game action)

Wednesday: 8pm-9pm CET – “Arena Night” (Get your Hearthstone fix as Thom hits the Arena in search of that illusive 12 wins)

Friday: 8pm-9pm CET – “Happy Hour” (Top off the week in style with some Blizzard gaming action! Want to join in the Happy Hour fun? Throw us a message on one of the many platforms and play some games with us live on stream)

You can find our Twitch channel here, and be sure to keep an eye on Twitter with announcements of when we are about to go live.

Cheers everyone and happy viewing!

The Blue Recluse: Episode 128 – Milk It

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Happy New Year and welcome to 2017. It’s the first episode of the year and we start out by asking: Guess who’s back, back again. Because it’s not just us who are back! 

Bar Snacks

Main Course

  • 7.1.5 launches this week in World of Warcraft.
  • Brawlers Guild is back, check out Taliesin and Evitel’s video about “Overwatch” characters being featured in this. 
  • This will also include: Micro Holidays.

The Blue Recluse Brawl 2016

A few weeks ago, Thom came up with an idea to have a small Hearthstone tournament when Marty, Dennis and Jesse came to visit him in Northern Ireland for the New Years festivities. Amanda was also invited to join in (Thom’s Girlfriend), Jesse was assigned as the judge and thus, the first ever The Blue Recluse Brawl was born!


Each competitor had to make up 3 rules for the tournament.

Battleground Rules

These were random rules created by Jesse that were determined by a roll of a dice before every match. Some proved more fatal than others.

How did it all go down? You can find out here:

The Blue Recluse: Episode 127 – Twenty Sixteen

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In this special episode of The Blue Recluse we take a look back at the year and discuss what rocked our Blizzard world in 2016.

This episode was inspired by our YouTube collaboration with Taliesin & Evitel Do Games for their “World of Warcraft Year in Review 2016”

The Blue Recluse: Episode 126 – Legiondaries

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This week on The Blue Recluse: Blizzard 25 year memories, What we want from WoW in 2017, Dev Q&A update, News Round up and much much more!

Bar Snacks

  • Blizzard is 25 years old, we share some of our memories.
  • What do we want from WoW in 2017.
  • Nexus Challenge progress.


The Main Course

  • Latest Dev Q&A.
  • Discussion on Legendary items. The good and the bad!

The Blue Recluse: Episode 125 – Big Trouble in Little Gadgetzan

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The end of the year approaches, but Overwatch Season 3 has just begun. We’ve started the Nexus challenge in Heroes of the Storm, but how are we fairing? And in Hearthstone we get down and dirty in the mean streets of Gadgetzan.

Bar Snacks

  • We’ve started the Nexus Challenge – how is it going?
  • Blizzard job posting for announced ‘First Person’ Project – What could it be?


  • World of Warcraft Charity Pet ‘Mischief’ now available.
  • Another World of Warcraft #LegionQA is happening on December 7th.
  • Starcraft 2:Nova Ops final mission pack is now online.
  • Overwatch Season 3 has begun.

The Main Course


  • The streets of Gadgetzan just got meaner with the release of the new expansion.
  • Diablo Tavern Brawl data mined.

Last Orders

Marty appeared on the latest episode of the ‘Behind the Avatar‘, hosted by the lovely Leeta.

Episode 124 – Cloak Size Matters

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We’re celebrating 12 years of WoW as the anniversary is here! Overwatch graphic novel has been cancelled but are we reading too much into it? Tavern Brawl in Hearthstone has gone heroic and are you ready to take the Nexus Challenge?

Bar Snacks

Last Orders

This week Thom is featured on Episode 144 of  ‘Behind the Avatar‘, hosted by Leeta.

A very special thank you to our guest Neri (Writer for ANZ Heroes) who got up at 5am to join us all the way from Western Australia.

Episode 123 – All By Myself

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BlizzCon has come and gone again for another year, but no need to feel down as there’s plenty to look forward to! Sombra has hacked her way into Overwatch, Those streets in Gadgetzan are about to get meaner in Hearthstone.. And oh yeah… WE’RE OFF TO ARGUS!

Bar Snacks

  • Sombra / Arcade thoughts.
  • Overwatch Free to Play Weekend.
  • Hearthstone World Championship.
  • Mean Streets of Gadgetzan Latest.
  • Post BlizzCon Q&A with Ion Hazzikostas.

Episode 122 – Called It! BlizzCon X Roundup: Part Two

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In this episode of The Blue Recluse we round up the news of BlizzCon 2016, however there was so much revealed we decided to split it into two parts! In case you missed it, Part One can be found here!

In this part you can find information about: Diablo and World of Warcraft.