Episode 53 – Ups and Downs

“Subscriptions in World of Warcraft are down while the numbers for Hearthstone has increased, and something else that has increased is the amount of heroes in the nexus.”

Guests: Dan “Zhayne” Slack, Lennart “Deathbloom Andersson

Heroes of the Storm

Two new heroes are being added to the game very soon. It’s Kael’thas and Johanna the crusader from Diablo 3 – and as usual there’s quite a few skins a mounts as well.

World of Warcraft

The big increase of numbers in the start of the expansion didn’t hold up. Seems like WoW has lost about 3 million subscribers.

Patch 6.2 will introduce something new which is called Bonus Events which will be active every weekend. We take a closer look at what you can expect.


In contrast to WoW it seems that the amount of people who is playing Hearthstone just keeps increasing.

Episode 52 – Welcome Back

“Thom is back from ice cold Iceland so we are heading into the last wing of Blackrock Mountain to warm him up again. Meanwhile in Hollywood the WoW movie got delayed once again.”

General Blizzard

The Warcraft movie got delayed once again but because Universal thought it would be a good summer block buster.

Heroes of the Storm

With the release of Heroes of the Storm you’ll also be able to buy a special starter pack with 5 characters, a skin, and a special mount only available through the starter pack.


The last wing of Blackrock Mountain is out and we talk about our experience in the mountain and what we thought was good and bad.

Episode 51: wowchallenges.com

“Thom is on vacation but that doesn’t matter, we still got a little treat. We talk about how to play WoW a little bit differently.”

A few weeks back we had a talk with James Young from wowchallenges.com – so enjoy this interview while we wait for Thom to come back from Iceland.


Episode 50: Danish Fever

“We are pulling our hairs out while we still try to beat the heroics from last weeks wing in hearthstone. Heroes got a release date. And WoW announced a new patch.”

Heroes of the Storm

The official release date has finally been announced.


It’s finally here. What we’ve all been waiting for. Productivity all over has decreased because Hearthstone has been released for phone.

And the sweet card back for April has been released as well (pun intended).

World of Warcraft

And loads of new features has been announced when we take a look at patch 6.2 – and what looks particular interesting is the time walking feature which allows you to scale down to old school level dungeons.


Episode 49 – The Price Is Right

“The WoW token has been introduced in the US, but is the price right? Another week is another wing in Hearthstone and we’ll tell you everything about it.”

General Blizzard

This is the week you can buy Blizzcon tickets and as something new you can also buy the virtual ticket including the goody bag you normally only would get if you participated at Blizzcon.

World of Warcraft

The first week of WoW token is up and we are taking a look at how the price has evolved over the past week.


And we talk about the newest wing in Hearthstone and talk about how we fared in the Molten Core.

Episode 48 – Fools of the Mountain

“The first wing of Blackrock mountain has been a blast. Now you can buy WoW gold with real life money and did the April Fools fool you?”

General Blizzard

This week saw Blizzard up to no good with their usual April Fools pranks. T.I.N.D.R for Garrison followers, BMotes, Big Head Mode in Heroes of the Storm, Selfies in DIablo and the always hilarious April Fools patch notes for World of Warcraft were some of the highlights.

Heroes of the Storm

The founders pack is no longer available for purchase and feedback can be left on the forums for the beta as it closes in on release… at least that’s what we think!

World of Warcraft

WoW token goes live in the US this week, as for EU.. well who knows. Soon..


Last week saw the introduction of Blackrock Mountain. Thom and Marty review the first wing and look ahead to the 2nd Wing – Molten Core



Episode 47 – Danish Mouth

“An eruption of Hearthstone news as all the cards have now been revealed. Just in time to celebrate our 1 year anniversary”


The release date for Blackrock Mountain finally got announced, together with the rest of the cards in the adventure.

Last orders

It’s our 1 year anniversary so you can win a beta key for Heroes of the Storm – all you have to do is to tweet at us @tbrpodcast with the hashtag #tbrheroes – let us know your favorite pet or why you need the beta key, or just write some jibber jabber.

Episode 46 – Yet Another Ding

“It’s heating up in Blackrock Mountain as pre-orders go live in Hearthstone, Reaper of Soul celebrates it’s 1 year birthday and an Exp Boost in the Nexus? Yes please!”

Diablo 3

The end of season 2 is near and is already in the first week of April – which means season 3 is close!

Reaper of Souls, the first expansion to Diablo 3, is turning 1 and that’s celebrated with an experience and gold buff.

Heroes of the Storm

On Saturday an 25 % experience boost was added to Heroes to celebrate that the next patch is up next week. The new patch introduces new skins, new maps and last but not least Sylvanas Windrunner as a playable hero.


The next adventure mode, Blackrock Mountain, can now be preordered in the in game shop. The three next class cards was revealed as well.

Last Orders

In other news this week in the MMO world, the subscription drop change to The Elder Scrolls Online went live. Question is would this encourage you more to go out and play this game now? Do you think subscriptions in MMO’s are a thing of the past? Listen to the podcast to hear our opinions.

Episode 45 – Another Ding!

“The dates for Blizzcon has been announced. We got one less team in the race for world first… and Hearthstone dinged 1.”

General Blizzard

Blizzcon has been announced and will be held on November 6th and 7th. You can buy the tickets in April.

World of Warcraft

Good news if you love to play with alts. The legendary quest line is easier to do the second time around.

To make it feel more rewarding to do Blackrock Foundry Blizzard decided to increase the item level for all gear obtained in the instance.

The race for World First will in the future have one less guild participating when Blood Legion says goodbye after 10 years of being on top.


The game is now 1 year old and loads of people are celebrating.

Both Ben Brode and Eric Dodds have been giving interviews regarding the upcoming Hearthstone adventure.




Episode 44 – Level 34

“New maps and new characters for both Heroes of the Storm and Overwatch has been announced, oh, and also a little adventure for Hearthstone.”

It’s the weekend after Pax East and there is so much news!

World of Warcraft

Special mention goes out to Doubleagent, that crazy guy who has been leveling a neutral Pandaren in the Pandaren starter zone dinged 100.

Heroes of the Storm

Coming soon to the Nexus, if you are currently in the beta you might get selected by Blizzard and receive some additional keys which you can hand out to your buddies.

From Pax the New Battleground: Tomb of the Spider queen was shown off. It’s an underground location that is pretty unique to the Nexus so far as it’s incredibly small.


Also a new hero video of Sylvanas Windrunner. She is looking pretty awesome.

Also on the way is more progression ideas and clans. It seems Heroes of the Storm is moving along nicely.


Do not adjust your set, we do have some Overwatch news. This sees the introduction of two new heroes and one new payload map.

Welcome aboard Zarya & McCree.


Probably the most exciting news to come out of Pax (in our opinion) was the announcement of a new Hearthstone adventure, Blackrock Mountain. We had hinted at it in our previous show but now it’s official.

Also Marty mentions about an interesting talk on the UI design for Hearthstone and how the game was brought to life.