Episode 117 – Legion Confessions

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Bar Snacks Edition

This week we’ve tried something a little bit different. We usually start every episode of the show with a segment called ‘Bar Snacks’ and decided this week due to a lull in news we would have a full show in this style. We focus on light news, interact with our community and answer questions from you!

  • Battle.Net is changing it’s name.
  • Hearthstone leaks (Maiev Shadowsong).
  • Do you have a #LegionConfession? We do, and so does the community of The Blue Recluse.
  • Q&As

Last Orders

This week Thom was a guest on the Hearthstone Podcast 1600Dust. Check it out over at 1600dust.com and find the show on Twitter @1600Dust.

Episode 116 – That’s Thrall Folks

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The Machine of War have started in the Nexus – will you be joining the battle? One person who might have time to is Chris Metzen, as he is hanging up his Doomhammer! Finally it’s in-game goodies galore with the upcoming Warcraft Movie disc release and that little thing called BlizzCon.

Bar Snacks (Introduction)

  • Chris Metzen retires from Blizzard.
  • Machine of War update is live in Heroes of the Storm – Login now to get your free hero!
  • Tyrande Whisperwind is going to be a new priest skin in Hearthstone.

General Blizzard

  • BlizzCon 2016 virtual goodies announced.
  • Warcraft movie virtual loot when you buy the film.

World of Warcraft

  • Raiding and Mythic+ incoming!
  • Thoughts and feelings after 3 weeks of Legion.
  • Community Question: “What do you think of the companion app so far? If you could suggest a feature to add to it, what would you implement?”

Guest Information

Thanks to Taliesin from Taliesin & Evitel Do Games for joining us!

Taliesin & Evitel Do Games

Episode 115 – Charlie the Unicorn


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Big changes are coming to Hearthstone Arena mode, as some cards are getting put back in their packs. Meanwhile in Azeroth, World of Warcraft Legion has something in common with Warlords of Draenor. What could it be?

Bar Snacks (Introduction)

  • Overwatch’s core team is about the size of Valve.
  • World of Warcraft: Legion sells 3.3 million copies in 24 hours.


  • Changes are coming to Arena mode.
  • Welcome the Welcome Bundle.

World of Warcraft

  • We talk about Dungeons, upcoming raids and mention a few points from the Legion Q&A.

Last Orders

During the show I mention a brief adventure I went on in game involving an NPC named Charlie. Shockingly Marty had never seen the ‘Charlie the Unicorn’ video and thus didn’t really get my whole exploration story in Azsuna to its maximum potential. If you are also in the dark over this wondrous video, then step into the light my friend:

Episode 114 – Power Up

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In Overwatch it’s time to get competitive again as Season 2 has begun (mmmm golden guns!). The party in Karazhan is over in Hearthstone, and could the greatest artifact for your hero in Azeroth be a mobile phone?

Bar Snacks (Introduction)

  • In Heroes of the Storm MvP and Commendations are being added. Seem familiar?
  • Overwatch Season 2 has begun.
  • From the 9th September until the 12th you can play Overwatch for FREE!
  • In Hearthstone the Karazhan adventure release is complete.

World of Warcraft

We give our thoughts and feeling on Legion so far. We mention a few details from patch 7.1 (more details were revealed at PAX West this week). Also mentioned is the World of Warcraft: Legion Companion App which allow you to perform tasks in your Order Hall, view World Quests and more!

Guest Information: 

Pete (TitansCreed): Twitter | YouTube | Twitch | Beam