Episode 87 – Lore and Order

Elements guide me! It’s a case of ‘Lore’ and Order as the new Warcraft Chronicle’s has been previewed & Hearthstone content release schedule is getting a reshuffle..

General Blizzard

Earnings Call – 4th Quarter 2015 has been released. Numbers and figures!

Warcraft Chronicle IGN Preview – This lore book looks fantastic, and the art is just incredible!


Polygon interview recap of a visit to Blizzard HQ, way back in September

Last Orders

John Woolley’s (Reddit User: S-L-M) Tavern Brawl Concept #4

Also his Death Knight class concept we mentioned on the show.

Episode 86 – Overload

It’s information overload, as Overwatch beta is back. You might be getting more than just popcorn with your Warcraft movie ticket and… did I mention Overwatch yet?

General Blizzard

Some information has emerged that you may be able to buy a movie ticket for the Warcraft film and get all WoW games for free (excluding Legion) 1 month free game time and an exclusive in game reward.


Overwatch Beta is back, in case you didn’t know that yet. Player progression system is live, along with a new game mode ‘Control’, hero balancing, custom game settings and could this game be GOTY?

Last Orders

We will be featured on Battlechat podcast in episode 12 coming out next week. Find it over at www.battlechatshow.com

Many thanks to our guest @RosieBrent for joining us!

Episode 85 – Total Eclipse of the Hearth

It’s Heartbreak for some, romance for others as Love is in the air and changes are coming to Hearthstone, and it’s nearly time to revisit an old flame as Overwatch Beta is about to return! 


Beta is back baby!


A new way to play in Hearthstone is coming this spring. We talk about all the changes and give our thoughts.

Episode 84 – Monkey Wrench

Lunar festival is getting ready to light up The Nexus in Heroes of the Storm, and how has World of Warcraft changed your life?


Strange Bacon Fact: Bacon is one of the oldest meats in history. (The first signs of bacon were around 1500 B.C. in China)

Robert Kazinsky (Who plays Orgrim Doomhammer in Warcraft Movie) gives an interesting insight to how WoW saved his life. We also take this opportunity to talk about how WoW has effected our own lives.

Heroes of the Storm

Lunar Festival incoming!