Episode 83 – Ready, Steady, Necro

Two new Heroes are getting ready to ‘mingle’ in the Nexus & the Overwatch Beta is almost ready to emerge from its Winter slumber with a new game mode, but what could it be?

General Blizzard

Warcraft Movie release dates have been announced.

Heroes of the Storm

2 new heroes unvailed, included a fan favourite and tons of skins

World of Warcraft

Legion Spec swap cost? Place holder of 100g right now.. but what should it be? The pod discusses.


Beta returns in Feb with new game mode… what will it be?

Last Orders

Never give up hope of getting into Overwatch Beta….

Hearthstone Tavern Brawl Weekly Challenge: Fydria Vs Unamithil [Round 24 – Captain Blackheart’s Treasure]

Arrrrr mateys! It’s time for another Tavern Brawl in Hearthstone. This week we return to an encounter we had back in Round 20. Fydria took the spoils that day but could Unamithil win the booty this time?

Episode 82 – Heroes, just for one day

We’re back in Sanctuary as Season 5 has begun in Diablo, the WoW Legion Alpha has returned and Mr. Brode gave us a developer insight about content updates.


This week in the introduction we mentioned a WC3 remake in SCII.

Diablo 3

New Diablo patch is out and we call on an old friend to come on the show to give us a run down of the new features.


Ben Brode took to the webcam again and gave us some developer insights.

World of Warcraft

Alpha is back online! Also.. Kobolds?

Hearthstone Tavern Brawl Weekly Challenge: Fydria Vs Unamithil [Round 23 – Return of Mechazod]

The two co-hosts of The Blue Recluse return to Tavern Brawl action this week to kick start 2016, but the usual head to head battle was rudely interrupted by the return of Mechazod, a co-operative brawl. Fydria and Unamithil took on Mechazod back in Round 19 but were ultimately defeated 2-1, but could they get revenge this time round?



Episode 81 – Bark at the Bloodmoon

There’s a full moon in the sky as a new hero emerges from the night in the Nexus and are you ready to dust off Diablo 3? <Insert Howling Wolf here>

Heroes of the Storm

We talk Genn Greymane, as he is  the latest hero to enter the Nexus


It’s time to get back into Diablo as a new season and patch arrives