Episode 69 – Lore Galore

This week Blizzard has given us two new YouTube videos and they promise to release more books in a not too distant future. It’s every lore geek’s wet dream! It’s lore galore!

LOL of the week

General Blizzard

Blizzard teams up with Random House: 2 new books on the way.

Starcraft 2

Reclamation is out! Nice little video in similar style to Lords of War to increase the hype for the new Starcraft expansion.
Marty: “Watch it! So amazing!”


New Overwatch Heroes have been announced. The ‘Junkers‘ have arrived.


Ben Brode recently gave an interview to PC Gamer.


Episode 68 – Legacy Fulfilled… soon(tm)

Watch out when you are travelling the Nexus because Rexxar has begun the hunt. Meanwhile in the cinematic for Legacy of the Void, the Zerg probably regretted hunting the Protoss.


Ben Brode blog on youtube.

Heroes of the Storm

Let the hunt begin! Rexxar enters the Nexus.

Starcraft 2

Legacy of the Void is out November 10th, that’s after BlizzCon!

SC2VN is a Visual Novel Game about being a SC2 pro player which Marty mentions in intro can be found here.


Episode 67 – Joust in time

Nozdormu has been misusing the timelines so Blizzard had to set him straight. Meanwhile in a galaxy far far away the Protoss are preparing for war.

World of Warcraft

Updates from DragonCon. Yes.. backpack might get updated. HYPE!

Starcraft 2

Live event is on the horizen, will feature cinematic and launch date for Lotv


Beta still on track for fall.. we hope!


Joust bug fixed. Poor Nozdormu!


Hearthstone Tavern Brawl Weekly Challenge: Fydria Vs Unamithil [Round 10 – Raining Mana]

Round 10 of the Tavern Brawl Weekly Challenge. This week it’s Raining Mana….. Hallelujah!!!! Could Fydria return to winning ways, or would he still be under the weather from last weeks defeat!