Episode 62 – Joust Do It!

The invitations have been sent out to heroes from all over the land. From the frost giants in the north to the kodo riders in the south. All have replied. To take part in The Grand Tourney.

World of Warcraft

The is good news if you feel you lack Garrison Ressources with the latest hotfix.


The new expansion for Hearthstone got announced and it’s called The Grand Tournament.

It will contain 132 new cards and the few that’s been released so far looks really cool.



Episode 61 – Starcraft Fridge Magnets

New heroes announced for both Heroes of the Storm and Overwatch, the world first kill in Warcraft has been found, but the biggest news of the week is definitely the Starcraft Fridge magnets!

General Blizzard

Loads of new stuff in the BlizzStore, We discuss our possible purchases in the future.


Soldier 76 (not 77) is reporting for duty

Heroes of the Storm

We take a look at the Hero spotlight of King Leoric

Starcraft 2

Pre-purchase for Legacy of the Void is available including the prologue

World of Warcraft

And the World first mythic clear for Hellfire Citadel goes to… ???

Mercenary mode to be added to Ashran and unrated Battlegrounds.

Subject of the week – Warcraft the movie

Episode 60 – Lights, Camera… Orc-tion

The story of Overwatch has begun being told on their official website, while in Draenor the story is about to conclude. But soon another story is starting when the first trailer for the Warcraft movie will be released.

Subject of the week

What’s next? Or ‘when’ is probably more interesting. Alternative Blog

General Blizzard

Warcraft movie trailer is out this week at Comic Con San Diego (11th). Time to get excited!


News articles has started popping up on playoverwatch.com

World of Warcraft

Developer interview with Cory Stockton @mumper

The Race to World’s first is closing in Paragon, Midwinter and Method all looking for the glory. But what about Danish Terrace?


Upcoming Hearthstone announcement Is it a  possible expansion?  We hope so!