Episode 59 – Going Bananas

There’s a rumble in the jungle all over Blizzard land, whether it be World of Warcraft, Heroes of the Storm or Hearthstone. So get ready to go bananas!

World of Warcraft

This week Thom and Marty run down their impressions of patch 6.2.


Check out this incredible short film by Rocket Jump.

Heroes of the Storm

New XP bonus weekend, just in time for the new Diablo heroes.



Episode 58 – Welcome to the Jungle

“The tavern is busier than ever. There’s evil lurking in the jungle. And an eternal conflict is invading the Nexus. Seems like a pretty normal week to me.”

Starcraft 2

Whispers of Oblivion a Prologue for Legacy of the Void will be heading our way soon. It promises a special three mission adventure which will bridge the storyline between the new and previous expansion.

World of Warcraft

Patch 6.2 finally hits this week and it promises some much needed juicy new content. Is it time to resubscribe?

Heroes of the Storm

They’ll be Hell to pay in the Nexus and some hot new Diablo themed updates are inbound.





Episode 57 – Flying in Draenor

“First they said you might be able to fly. Then they said you weren’t. But now you will for sure be able to fly in Draenor. If they take it away again we’ll go for a brawl in the Tavern.”

World of Warcraft

The developers finally reached a final conclusion and decided that flying WILL be available in Draenor.

Heroes of the Storm

Within the first week of Heroes of the Storm the first new hero got added which is the crusader from Diablo 3: Johanna

And if you love Diablo 3 you might enjoy that on June 30th the first new content patch for Heroes is ready and will add The Butcher and Battlefield of Eternity which is the first Diablo theme battleground to be added.



Episode 56 – Alpha, Beta, Launch

“Have Blizzard started the hype train for Overwatch? And does it there’s a mean beta soon? Another game exiting beta stage is Heroes of the Storm which is about to be released.”



Loads of videos have been released lately about the different characters in Overwatch – Blizzard has been ramping up the hype train – what does it mean? Beta is soon? We hope so!

Heroes of the Storm

Heroes has launched and if you login between 2nd to 9th June you’ll receive an exp boost. Woo, that’ll making leveling up a lot easier initially.


Season 15 begins. New Card back. Enough said!

Last Orders

Hearthstone Challenges by RushIn